Wine in a box is an idea whose time has arrived

Economists call it The Law of Diminishing Returns. The more a glass bottle costs, the less profit to be made, so the more the wine drinker get charged.

Ben Wren calls it time for change.

It saves the environment

With half the carbon footprint of the bottling process, and made from fully recycled board, a box is kinder on the environment. We’ve also removed the plastic handle and are developing a 100% recyclable inner bag for Ben Wren Gen 2.

It saves frustration

Drop a bottle and you know all about it. Boxes are durable, they stack well, they’re easy to carry, transport and store. Great for picnics, parties, campsites, you don’t need an opener to tackle a box. Also with Ben Wren’s handy perforated ice-hole, just slip an ice brick into the box and it chills in a flash.

It saves money

A cardboard box is just cheaper than a glass bottle. It reaches you at up to half the cost of glass. This means we can put more money into sourcing better wine. And charge you less for it.

It saves wine

No pressure to finish off that bottle anymore. The Ben Wren box seals perfectly – keeping wine fresh and perky in the fridge for longer. Plus you get 4 times more wine. More of the good stuff.