There are two things in life that we really, really love.

We love good wine. And we love the planet. Truth be told, we don’t think we’d be able to survive without either.

Our ideal scenario? Create something that allows us to continue enjoying both.

So we did. Ben Wren Wine. Superior wines sourced from the vineyards of much respected Opstal Estate …located in the heart of South Africa’s generous winelands… curated by award winning wine master Attie Louw… packaged in fully recyclable cans… reducing our carbon footprint more than bottles ever could.

Bottom line – cans are practical, convenient, sensible, economical and they’re better for the planet than bottles will ever be.

End of story.

About Ben Wren Wine

Ben Wren is a regular Cape Town guy with a regular job and a not so regular passion for wine.

It’s always been Ben’s dream to launch an innovative wine brand. Not prepared to compete in the overpriced and overtraded bottle rack aisles, Ben began working on a top-end lifestyle brand that could be made available to the regular wine drinker at a more affordable mid-range price.

He called his business Ben Wren Wine Co. Because that’s his name. Ben Wren. Not Ben Wren Wine Co, That would be an odd name.

Ready to try our wine?