The idea of wine in a box is not a new one. The idea of quality wine in a box? Nope. Not new either. A delicious, world-class, premium wine in a box that cares for the planet while saving you money and looks super cool while doing so? Now you’re talking.


The Ben Wren Wine Co. was created in the belief that you don’t need fancy bottles or foiled labels to tell if a wine is good or not. Not when your taste buds are quite capable of knowing the difference.


And your taste buds are going to love Ben Wren wine. Sourced from respected estates within the Cape’s prolific wine producing region, the wine in our box is exactly the same as the wine in their bottle. Same vineyards. Same grapes. Same wine master. Same oak barrels.


It’s just a lot more affordable.


It costs a whole lot less to put wine in a box. So we can afford to look around for premium quality wine. And charge you less for it. It’s the very definition of a win/win.


It’s what happens when Ben Wren starts thinking ‘in the box’.



Ben Wren is a regular Cape Town guy with a regular job and a not so regular passion for wine. It’s always been Ben’s dream to launch an innovative wine brand.


Not prepared to compete in the overpriced and overtraded bottle rack aisles, Ben began working on a top-end lifestyle brand that could be made available to the regular wine drinker at a more affordable mid-range price. He called his business Ben Wren Wine Co. Because that’s his name. Ben Wren. Not Ben Wren Wine Co, That would be an odd name.